Training Plans

MoveMe Jogging/Running Training Programes

6 week 5km Running Plan

This plan assumes you are an absolute beginner and don’t run at all. If you are not accustomed to much exercise, then it is better to start slowly, both within a session and also across sessions/weeks. The goal is to be able to run (or a mixture of running and walking) a 5km course by the end of the 6 weeks. Click here to download a PDF Version

12 week 10km Running Plan

This plan will suit you if you have completed our 6 week 5km plan or are already running and can run for 15 minutes. Feel free to schedule your rest days to suit and we recommend doing some beach or bush runs for variety. Click here to download a PDF Version

6 week Walking Plan

Walk at your own pace, especially at the beginning. All you need is a supportive
pair of shoes. You can programme the rest days to suit your own schedule too. Click here to download a PDF Version

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